The town of Vigo di Fassa is among the sunniest spots in the valley. It is located at the foot of Catinaccio, in a dominant position and for centuries it was home to the valley’s judicial, administrative and religious authorities. Vigo di Fassa is directly linked to Bolzano (only 35 km) by the Costalunga Pass (which is also known as the Carezza Pass or Karerpass). Vigo di Fassa can offer tourists a wide selection of hotels and apartments. From the centre of the town, there is a cable car that, in just a few minutes, will take you directly up to Ciampedie, a balcony and garden overlooking the Dolomites with a view that is unique in the entire world. There are two splendid old gothic churches that are also worth a visit: Santa Giuliana, patron saint of the valley (early 16th century) and the Parish Church of San Giovanni (latter half of the 15th century), near the district of the same name; this is an old church that is still in use as well as being the height of religious and artistic expression in the valley.





















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